Cyber Security Training

FRDA’s Cyber Security Training Course is intended to provide an introduction and overview of cyber issues to government and business audiences whose operations require a baseline understanding of cyber security.  Topics covered include a general introduction of cyber issues, cyber policy, cyber threats and cyber terrorism.   Upon completion of the course, students have a general understanding of the cyber security landscape and are positioned to apply that knowledge to their internal business and government operations.  The course is taught by a leading cyber security expert who was a lead consultant on cyber security policy at IBM, a consultant to several Federal agencies on cyber security and an Associate Professor of Terrorism Studies and Cyber Security Policy.  The classroom course is customizable, ranging from one hour to three days, and is also available in a 10-week online version.
This module covers strategic cyber issues that business and government leaders must be aware of in the current cyber threat environment. The intended outcome is to enable CEOs, CFOs, COOs and their military and government equivalents to be conversant on key cyber issues and enable them to effectively lead on these issues. This highly successful course was provided to the US Air Force as part of their Cyber Executive Operations Course for three and four-star officers.

This module is an expanded version of the C-suite seminar. Additional instruction is provided on each of the subjects addressed in the seminar including remediation strategies and possible methods for improving overall security for the organization. Scenarios and question-and-answer sessions are incorporated to drive discussion. This course is intended for C-Suite officials as well as senior managers and tailored to individual clients’ goals and operations.
This full-day course allows for a deeper dive into cyber threats and vulnerabilities for a client’s specific organization. Attendees participate in guided discussions that serve as a foundation for improving the organization’s overall security plan. A realistic simulation is incorporated allowing the principles taught to come to life for the participants. This course is appropriate for senior and mid-level managers.
This course is detailed and tailored to mid-level managers and senior team leads. The course incorporates question-and-answer sessions, multiple small exercises and culminates with a realistic simulation in which participants must respond to a cyber security challenge in real time. The course prepares students to be effective in their current jobs and beyond by equipping them with both a theoretical and practical understanding of the cyber policy environment.

This program can be completed without special software or classroom time. The format can be tailored to meet the needs of the client, both in length and content. The course conveys a substantial body of information on key cyber issues. Training and knowledge provided are applicable to employees at all levels within an organization who require in-depth understanding of cyber security issues, threats and policy challenges.

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