Mindset Awareness and Threat Prevention

Situational Awareness

Increasing Your Personal Security

Health risks, lack of adequate infrastructure, crime, terrorism and other security challenges are of increasing concern to personnel working overseas.  Situational awareness is a key building block to preparing for and countering these threats in order to enhance overall personal security. FRDA’s Mindset Awareness and Threat Prevention program is designed to train individuals in basic awareness, observation, meaningful information gathering, assessment and avoidance of hostile and dangerous situations.  Skills and knowledge provided in this course are essential to military, law enforcement and security professionals as well as anyone working in a foreign environment.  The course is taught by former military and security professionals with extensive experience in war zones and other denied or dangerous areas.

According to a U.S. State Department study on Political Violence Against Americans*, in 2013, there were:

violent incidents overseas that involved U.S.citizens and interests
incidents involved intentional targeting of Americans

Incident Breakdown By Region

Near East 21%
South and Central Asia 18%
Subsaharan Africa 9%
Western Hemisphere 18%
Europe 7%
East Asia and the Pacific 27%

Incident Breakdown By Target

U.S. Business 25%
U.S. Government 56%
Private 13%
Other 6%
*Political Violence Against Americans. Retrieved from http://www.state.gov/m/ds/rls/rpt/19691.htm

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Course Overview

Situational Awareness Mindset
  • Defining Situational Awareness
  • Mindset Color Codes and their Application
  • Social Norm Barriers
  • Proper Mindset or “360 Mindset”
Identifying Threat Indicators and Prevention
  • Definition of Threats
  • Factors of Threat Assessment
  • Social Dynamics
  • Risk Assessment of Threats
  • Threat Prevention
Active Shooter Response
  • The Active Shooter and Environment
  • Personal and Group Safety
  • Emergency Response Teams
  • After Action Review

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