Training Facility

FRDA maintains over 6,000 square feet of office space in the Washington metropolitan area. Our facilities include the FRDA Executive Office Suite and training facility housed in state-of-the-art Class A commercial real estate in Arlington, Virginia.

FRDA’s 3,200 square foot training facility provides a designated restricted group lecture area, five break-out rooms for small-group instruction, instructor and student offices, break room and kitchen, conference room with video teleconference (VTC) capability and available secure storage.  FRDA’s Executive Office suite also includes a conference room with VTC capabilities as well as a separate secure office with secure conference room.

Featured Courses Available at this Training Facility

FRDA’s Surveillance Operations Detection Course (SODC) trains students in the craft of discreet observation and monitoring of fixed and mobile targets. SODC is taught by former senior intelligence community and military instructors and can be customized according to client missions and needs.

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FRDA’s Mindset Awareness and Threat Prevention training is based on the understanding that situational awareness is a key building block in enhancing personal security. Skills and knowledge provided are essential to military, law enforcement and security professionals as well as anyone working in a foreign environment.

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FRDA’s Interagency Writing and Communication Course conveys the basic principles of professional writing as well as the formatting and stylistic essentials for interagency communication.

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Achieve your objectives with FRDA training and services tailored to your mission.

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