Surveillance Operations Detection Course

Length – 28 Days

FRDA’s Surveillance Operations Detection Course® (SODC) consists of lectures and practical exercises on surveillance detection tradecraft covering all modes of transportation.  The course is designed to equip students to perform surveillance work securely and effectively in an array of environments and facing various threats.  SODC metrics are designed to objectively evaluate student performance in live action scenarios that replicate real life conditions, pace, and urgency.  The program’s building block approach teaches, exercises and evaluates students’ ability to operate independently, create written reports, accept feedback, manage their profile and evaluate risk.  Upon successful completion of the course, the candidate will be able to identify and appropriately respond to surveillance.

SODC is taught by former senior intelligence community and military instructors and can be customized according to client missions and needs.

SODC provides the skill set and knowledge to accurately identify and respond to surveillance in any context.

FRDA’s Surveillance Operations Detection Course

A strong foundation developed in a simulated environment ensuring practical success.

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