Global Due Diligence

Due diligence is a must for major transactions. Routine due diligence often misses the ground truth, exposing firms to major financial risks. FRDA’s Advanced Due Diligence service puts our intelligence experts on the ground to uncover deception, corruption, illicit practices, lawsuits, negative public or media perception and other value degrading issues.

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Avoid Unnecessary Risks

Poor Business Practices

Corrupt Connections

Financial Misdeeds

Why use FRDA?

FRDA has provided sensitive services to US Defense and Intelligence clients for almost 20 years. Our commercial solutions practice offers the same boutique services for select clients. With ongoing engagements in 17 countries we are continually proving our effectiveness. Our employees have extensive backgrounds in business, Intelligence, and Special Operations, with decades of experience solving the most pressing national security problems.

Diligence Package


FRDA provides a package within 4 weeks, customizable to the appropriate audience. Our main investigator in the region directs a field team of investigators and local influencers to complete the assignment. All information is corroborated for accuracy and confidence levels are clearly presented for each. Client information is always withheld from our investigators. The information stream is FCPA compliant and in accordance with applicable local, US, and international rules, regulations, and laws.

Package Includes

  • Assigned task
  • All available public information
  • Legally acquired non-public information
  • 4-5 expert interviews
  • Information summary
  • Sourcing information
  • Level of confidence
  • All documents related to the assignment